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Fish / Wildlife

Angling/Fishing - Recreational


Aquaculture / Commercial Fishing

Angling Guide Licence
Assistant Angling Guide Licence
Fishing Licence (Freshwater)
Fishing Licence (Saltwater)
Rainbow Trout Fish Pond Permit
  Commercial Finfish/Shellfish Aquaculture Licence
Farmed Sturgeon
Fish Receiver Licence
Seafood Processor Licence
Fisher Vendor Licence
Introduction and Transfer of Fish in Canada
Wild Aquatic Plant Harvester Licence
Wild Oyster Harvesting Licence

Controlled Alien Species


Exporting/Importing Animals

Controlled Alien Species Permit
  CITES Permit (Export Specific Animals)
Export Permit (Animals)
Permit to Import Wildlife/Eggs

Game Farm


Hunting - Guiding

Game Farm Licence
  Assistant Guide Outfitter
Guide Outfitter Licence
Guiding Territory Certificate
Transporter Licence

Hunting - Recreational


Scientific Research

Accompany a Non-Resident Hunter
Disabled Hunting Permit
Limited Entry Hunt (LEH)
Hunting Licence
  Scientific Fish Collection Permit

Trapping / Fur Trading



Fur Trader Licence
Trapline Cabin Site
Trapline Transfer/Registration
Trapping Licence
  Wildlife Permit - General

Update a Submitted Application


Abandon Application

Update a Submitted Application

This form allows you to make the following types of updates for a previously submitted application where no authorization has been issued. If you have already been in touch with FrontCounter BC about this application and wish to update a submitted application, please contact the staff you are working with before submitting this form.

  1. Correct a mistake in the application. For example: You wrote 100 m3 instead of 10 m3
  2. Provide additional information that was missed in the submission of your original application.
  3. Submit a report or a supporting document.

Abandon Your Application

This form allows to you to cancel an existing application that you submitted electronically.