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$450.00 Angling Guide Licence

$50.00 late fee* applies to new applications received after January 15th or renewal applications received after May 31.

$50.00 amendment fee* applies to any amendments submitted between January 15 and May 31. This includes changes to the Angling Guide Operating Plans. There is not a fee for the renewal year on the Angling Guide Operating Plan provided it is received by May 31.

A client cannot be charged for both amendment and late fee at the same time.

Fees are payable at the time of application. Applications will not be processed until the fees have been paid.
***Refunds will be given to the applicant if the permit is not successful***

The payment can be made by one of the following payment methods:

  1. Online via Credit Card (Visa, Visa-Debit, Master Card, American Express)
  2. Mail Payment Cheque/Money Order - Payable to Minister of Finance
  3. Cash/Debit - To be paid at one of the FrontCounter BC office locations

Credit Card payments are securely processed online in the Final Step of the application process. To find out more about the acceptable payment methods in each office location please visit selected FrontCounter BC location

Angling Guide quota/rod day fees can no longer be paid for along with you licence renewal.

  • Outstanding fees must be paid separately and in full before a new licence will be issued.
  • Note: These fees cannot be paid online through Virtual FrontCounter. If you have not already paid, please contact FrontCounter BC to arrange payment.

The Habitat Conservation Trust Fund surcharge is included in the above fee(s).

*Late fees and amendment fees cannot be processed online. If a late fees and amendment fee applies to your application FrontCounter BC staff will contact you.

Fees calculated on the electronic Fish and Wildlife application may not be the complete fee. A Permit Clerk will contact you if late fees are owed or if other licence specific fees are outstanding.