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Due to the complex nature of this application Fees will not be collected or calculated online. Instead, a Clerk will contact you within two business days to inform you of any fees owed and to arrange payment

The payment can be made by one of the following payment methods:

  1. Credit Card (Visa, Visa-Debit, Master Card, American Express). Clerk will contact you.
  2. Mail Payment Cheque/Money Order - Payable to Minister of Finance
  3. Cash/Debit - To be paid at one of the FrontCounter BC office locations

To find out more about the acceptable payment methods in each office location please visit selected FrontCounter BC location

The Habitat Conservation Trust Fund surcharge is included in any applicable fee(s).

Fees calculated on the electronic Fish and Wildlife application may not be the complete final fee. A Permit Clerk will contact you if late fees are owed or if other licence specific fees are outstanding.

Fee Exempt

If you are requesting this application to be exempt from fees, please follow the instructions below to complete the electronic application submission:

  1. Make sure that you are eligible for fee exemption as per the reasons listed in the"Fee Exemption Regulations"
  2. Provide proof of exemption along with your application (if applicable).
  3. On STEP 7 of the application, indicate that you are fee exempt and the reason(s) for exemption. You can indicate this in the "ANY OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION" section of the application,
  4. For Payment option, select "Pay in person"
  5. Contact FrontCounter BC with application tracking number to let the office know you have submitted the application but have NOT paid the fee and that you need to be fee exempt as per the reason(s) listed in the regulations.