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General Wildlife Permit Guide

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What's New with Fish and Wildlife Applications

Application forms are now electronic through Fish and Wildlife Virtual Applications.

  1. Start an electronic Fish & Wildlife application by clicking the "Launch Application" button
  2. Enter your BceID or Apply without BceID (without BceID you will have a code to enter)
  3. Select the type of application you would like to submit by selecting 'Add Application' and then 'Next' at the bottom of the page
  4. Answer the questions to complete the application.

Payments can now be processed online using a credit card.

  • Please ensure you have selected the correct application type from the list or you may be over or under-charged for your application, if this happens a Permit Clerk will contact you to resolve any discrepancies.
  • You are still able to pay in person at a FrontCounter BC office or by mailing in a cheque.
  • Payments for General Wildlife Permits cannot be processed online due to their complex nature. In this case a Permit Clerk will contact you to arrange payment once your application has been received and the permit type has been determined.

You can contact the FrontCounter BC Contact Centre if you have questions or require help.