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Upcoming Guide Outfitter Licence Changes

Starting April 9th, 2018, applications for guide outfitter licences will be processed in BC Hunting Online. These applications will no longer be available in the Virtual FrontCounter BC. Other existing Fish and Wildlife applications will continue to be processed through Virtual FrontCounter BC.

You must have a Fish and Wildlife ID and appropriate credentials to submit your application through BC Hunting Online.

Please contact our Contact Centre if you have any questions at 1-877-855-3222 or

A guide outfitter is licenced to guide resident and non-resident hunters in an exclusive guide area with clearly defined and legally described boundaries. The guide areas vary considerably in size and availability of big game species. The guide outfitter licence is issued annually. The responsibility for issuing guide licences and guiding territory certificates lies with the Regional Fish and Wildlife Managers within the Wildlife Management Regions in the province.