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Rainbow Trout Pond Permit Guide

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What you need to apply

Location and Construction

Be able to describe the location and construction of your fish pond. You will be asked to explain the following:

  • Location of the pond (address or legal property description), including Region
  • Water Source for the pond
  • Stream name and water licence number (if applicable)

Specific Information

You will be asked to provide specific detailed information about your fish pond, such as:

  • Detailed information showing locations of your property lines, roads, ponds and buildings, as well as any nearby natural watercourses, including the direction of water flow in the natural watercourse.
  • Several photographs showing the pond and all lands immediately surrounding the pond. An aerial photograph may be included, but this is not required.

Will my fish pond meet the requirements for this permit?

  • A Pond means an artificially created pool of water that is a closed-system for holding rainbow trout, that is not connected to a natural watercourse, and from which rainbow trout cannot escape to tidal or non-tidal waters if the pond overflows.

Are you renewing your application?

  • If you are submitting a renewal and you have made structural changes to your pond then you will have to complete all sections of the application form (including the New Applicant section). If no structural changes have been made then you will not have to complete the New Applicant section of the form (see application form for details).