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Commercial Filming - Parks Use Permit

Start your Commercial Filming - Parks Use Permit Application


A park use permit may be required for any filming activities that occur within a provincial park. Commercial filming is any type of filming activity for a film production that may be sold or used for promotional use. A park use permit will prescribe and authorize what activities may occur, which locations may be used in a park, and when the park may be occupied. If you wish to film in an Ecological Reserve you will require an ecological reserve permit, and only educational filming can be authorized.

Commercial filming activities includes: production vehicles accessing the park, set construction, filming activities, set removal, and site remediation.

Prior to submitting a park use permit application for filming, you must contact BC Parks to discuss the proposal. Depending on the scope of your project, you may be assigned to work with a Film Permit Liaison on a cost-recovery basis to complete your application.

BC Parks will evaluate the proposal and may authorize a park use permit for commercial film production, provided that the proposed activities are not detrimental to recreational values of the parks involved.

BC Parks will permit film productions which do not adversely affect:

  1. The natural and cultural heritage, recreation, use and appreciation values (Park values) of the Park;
  2. The public right to free and reasonable access to parks for their inspiration, use and enjoyment;
  3. An asserted or proven aboriginal right (including aboriginal title) or treaty right, that is recognized and affirmed by section 35(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982; and,
  4. The rights of existing Permittees

Proposed commercial filming activities must be consistent with the management direction and special conditions for the park.

No permits or permission are required for scouting in a park, provided all rules for regular public use of the park are followed (e.g. no access to restricted areas, obey all signs in the park, etc.).

No permits are required for filming for news purposes, which includes filming or photography that has as its subject an unexpected current event, is undertaken during or soon after the event as an urgent response to the event and is for the express purpose of inclusion in a television news bulletin, newspaper, news magazine or similar topical publication.


"Commercial Filming" means the use of a defined area to carry on, with the intent of monetary return, commercial filming using still or motion photography.

"Major shoot" means all commercial filming that is not considered a minor shoot.

"Minor shoot" means means commercial filming taking one day at one location with no disturbance to park users or natural resources. The following criteria are also used to determine what is considered a minor shoot:

  1. Limited number of vehicles (five or less)
  2. No sets or major equipment
  3. No alteration to park facilities, furniture, signs, etc;
  4. Ten or less persons;
  5. Use of less persons;
  6. Only use of hand held photographic equipment (includes a tripod); and
  7. Minimal or no monitoring required by BC Parks