Short Term Use Approval

Start your Short Term Use Approval Application


This application is to apply for a use approval under the Water Sustainability Act (WSA) which, if granted, permits you to divert and use surface water from a stream or groundwater from an aquifer, and to construct works, for a term not exceeding 24 months.

Stream and aquifer are defined terms in the WSA. A stream includes a natural watercourse, a natural body of water, or source of water supply and a lake, pond, river, creek, spring, ravine, gulch, wetland, or glacier. An aquifer means a geological formation containing, or capable of containing, groundwater. Groundwater is defined as water naturally occurring below the surface of the ground.

A use approval specifies the water source, the water use purpose, the maximum quantity of water that may be used, and the works associated with the water use, as well as where the water can be used. Water use may be restricted to certain times of the year.

You can apply to use water for more than one water use purpose on your application. Read the list of Water Policies to see which one(s) you should apply for.

If your well or proposed works will occupy Crown land you will be required to provide proof that an authorization for that use of Crown land has been granted, or an application for an authorization to use Crown land has been made. Authorization can be in the form of a Permit Over Crown Land, or a more formal tenure under the Land Act. Tenure under the Land Act is normally required for larger projects such as waterpower or waterworks. If you require a Crown Land authorization, but do not already have one, you will be prompted to apply for a permit or tenure as part of the water licence application process.